The lens cap:
This product must give a certain confort when used, this is why it was developed in Silicon.

Moreover, this type of rubber resists incredibly well to drastic climatic conditions, it can also be manipulated many times over without altering its physical properties. This particular assault rifle cap is used in the military sector.
A well known dosing machine manufacturer, specialised in dosing dairy products, gave us the opportunity to develop and customize a plug to its machine. Covered with charged PTFE, this gives the plug a chemical inertia very useful when coping with ever more corrosive, aggressive, caustic “cleaning in place” cycles.

Moreover, this surfacing lowers the friction coefficient; a rubber part delivers an elasticity which enables the plug to be tight to the sleeve. All of this contribute to limit the retention zone risks, contamination sources and eases the cleaning in place. This well manufactured product meet all the different current norms according to the Food and Drugs Administration.



With its communiqués, press releases,
and press statement inserts, EFJM
communicates on all fronts. In addition
to a Web site and our participation in
trade fairs, EFJM is expanding its
communication avenues.

The 2007-2008 financial year will see
intensification of our initiatives.
Opposite, you will find a selection of
several items.

Summary of published articles:
Highly specialised and business news
magazines have published numerous
articles regarding our fast paced
and innovative company. Along with BNP
Paribas, EFJM was at the forefront to
acquire the informative CD Rom for the
accreditation of the updated ISO 9001
norm. Other articles emphasize the rapid
growth of EFJM and its international


In order to provide meaning and a future for coming generations, without a shadow of a doubt sustainable development constitutes a challenge and a necessity for our planet.EFJM, which is committed to a sustainable development approach, is globalising its management by recognising its universal nature. As part of a process of achieving ongoing progress, our company is affirming its commitments in numerous fields: safety, security, the environment, technological performance, human resources, dialogue with partners, and economic development.EFJM, our vision
Our commitments,
our policy

Driven by the ever-increasing requirements encountered by any SME undergoing rapid expansion, EFJM has placed sustainable development at the very heart of its industrial strategy.

Being aware of its responsibilities in relation to its shareholders, customers,

employees and partners, our company is deploying its development approach through specific commitments which concretise its ambition to achieve profitable growth that is socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

The consistency of this approach is shown through the initiatives under way, under the framework of plans for improvements and validated organisational systems. Disseminated and applied, they incorporate our quality management system with a view to becoming our sole management system by 2008.



EFJM is implementing an active policy in terms of innovation: totally aseptic dosing pistons, suckers for snowboards, and silicon that can withstand the most drastic sanitation conditions.

We have lodged a patent describing a dosing piston with a dosing product contact zone which consists of a type of PTFE, free of any discontinuity up to the sealing lip.

This device enables an elastomer to be used that offers higher mechanical performance. We have not forgotten the economic aspects; this concept is more compact, uses less material and is quicker to replace.

Currently, snow boarders are testing a new fastening method involving a sucker between their shoes and the board.

 These suckers, which were designed and prototyped by our R&D team, offer outstanding characteristics : multidirectional tear strength of 300 kg, independence of the sealing lip,

See video

a dynamic vacuum reserve, good performance in cold conditions, a very high adhesion coefficient, vacuum maintenance, and a filtration and shock absorption effect…

The food packaging industry develops in response to sanitary accidents. Inventiveness in order to reduce risks, both in terms of systems as well as in terms of sanitation products, is applied continuously.

EFJM has always had to redouble its efforts in order to propose solutions offering greater strength without departing from regulations concerning materials in contact with foodstuffs. The combination of thermal and chemical constraints led us to seek out a type of silicone rubber likely to withstand paracetic acid.



EFJM regularly gets involved in fairs such as CFIA, IPA and HISPACK, Barcelona.

In nov. 06, at the IPA fair, we presented the latest range of elastomer the 3-A Sanitary Standards (FPM & EPDM N° 18-03). This highly demanding norm is a must have for any agro machine manufacturer willing to export to the USA

To this day, 3 major global companies have already chosen EFJM to manufacturer its products with regards to the 3-A Sanitary Standards.

First international fair, the hisapck fair at Barcelona in 06 is an inevitable central meeting point for any food industrials

Our involvement demonstrates our contribution to the development of technologies in dosing systems throughout Europe.

In march 06, at the CFIA fair, EFJM has contributed a great deal to the improvement of food asepsie.

We have generated interests from numerous visitors, users and manufacturers for our innovative aseptic pistons.

A new range of pistons for very small dosing applications, from 10mm to 40mm have been shown through the latests fairs.

This has enabled efjm to test its new standard tarif of its new total aseptic plugs.

At the last ateq nutripack meeting during which , our presentation on “the dynamic dosing sealing systems”, has

been greatly noticed, especially:
The setting up of complete aseptic sealing systems in the volumetric dosing sector.The CFIA fair will take place the 6-7-8 march 2007 at Rennes.
Stand EFJM : Hall 8 C 36/D 33



EFJM has always made efforts to have representation in professional groups and bodies. Our active commitment is expressed through our involvement in numerous bodies. We belong to the: AFICEP, French Association of Rubber and Polymers Engineers and Managers.

IFOCA, Rubber Training Institute.

CTTM, Le Mans Technology Transfer Centre).

and to the AFAQ, French Association for Quality Management.


Our participation in these bodies enables us to be represented at the highest level on French and international bodies.

Moreover, this participation is testimony to our proactive approach towards gathering information and regularly updating our knowledge.

In addition to this professional

participation, EFJM cultivates close relations with engineering schools and universities: the University of the City of Avray, the University of Evry, and the Evreux Engineering School. For our own needs, as well as with a civic-minded concern to train future technicians, we host a large number of trainees, students and future engineers.