EFJM provides its know-how and all its experience in solving issues and challenges related to seals, asepsis, and reducing vibrations. These areas of expertise mean that we are experts both in terms of bonding rubber / metal / plastomer products, and when it comes to moulding elastomers.

Optimal use of our products and implementation in their working environment depends on the quality and the definition of elastomers.

EFJM has developed rubber formulas specially adapted to the product’s end use. We hold permanent stocks consisting of numerous types of elastomers in order to provide an effective response to our

customers’ varied requirements within an optimal timeframe.

Among the most outstanding multi-polymer associations, through bonding we give materials that are purely plastic various viscoelastic characteristics so that they can attain springy properties within a sealing zone.

These sealing systems are either :
– Made to measure, in accordance with the customer’s specifications and in accordance with the constraints imposed by their environment :
asepsis, suitability for contact with food, chemical inertia in relation to cleaning products, etc.
– Or drawn from our range of adaptable products.

Any competing system providing insufficient performance characteristics could be advantageously replaced by an EFJM solution.

Our teams provide their know-how and experience in solving all the issues and challenges related to sealing, asepsis and reducing vibrations.




Over 40 years of work devoted to research and high performance is not something you achieve overnight !

In order to be forward-looking, for EFJM it is an obligation to invest as to maintain and renew its technologies as well as for training and supporting the men and women who are the true architects of our greatest successes on a day-to-day level.

EFJM has managed to bring together a team that lives up to its requirements and has equipped itself with high-performance design and production resources. Our workshops are specially adapted to

manufacturing hi-tech parts using compression or injection moulding in a controlled environment.

But the equipment in itself would be of no use if EFJM did not have a small, highly cohesive team of twenty employees: men and women skilled, motivated and devoted.

The manufacturing, preparation, moulding and finishing stages are overseen by managers who ensure that the production equipment is up to standard, that the materials and components required are available, and that the staff are qualified. They ensure good relations with customers, suppliers and partners, and naturally ensure that

the customers are fully satisfied, right from the time when the order is issued.

EFJM has a management system based on objectives, with continuous performance measurements which enables needs, in terms of skills, to be identified.



Being constantly linked with our clients’ product purpose development is the outcome of a thorough commitment to ensuring that our products incorporate a very high level of technology, whilst complying with the standards and regulations relating to them. But it also involves ensuring a very high level of responsiveness, meeting increasingly tighter deadlines, and fulfilling a guaranteed level of compliance.

We can state that management value and a devotion to performance constitute key points for EFJM.

We aim at emphasizing and maximizing on our know how.  In more specific terms, our corporate culture is expressed in our positioning, firmly oriented towards high technologies

 which enables us to constitute a high-performance alternative in terms of the quality of our proposals.

When choosing a supplier, our customers see EFJM as a designer of advanced solutions motivated by a real understanding of needs analysis.
From receiving a business offer, right through to delivery of the

order, our team gets fully involved in order to ensure all our customers are completely satisfied. Combining technological innovation, scientific progress and know-how, our approach is extensively customer-oriented. After listening carefully to ascertain your needs, we will recommend one choice out of several relevant proposals.

Right from when the order is issued, EFJM technical solution designer, you can monitor along with us your product life cycle step by step.

All our customers are satisfied… really satisfied!



An autonomous multi-disciplinary team, economic intelligence, 3D design, electronic documents management, fully computerised project management, inspection by viewing without direct contact, and computer-assisted tooling manufacturing. For over 40 years, EFJM has perpetually combined cutting edge technology and experience to the benefit of high tech industries. It is under this strict / rigorous innovation-oriented/driven/ framework that all the succesful products in our range are conceived.

Not only does EFJM stands out for its major involvement in the design of innovative products, it continually devotes 25% ot its employment and 15% of its turnover to R&D. with over

200 projects managed annually. Led and managed by a rubber engineer, the R&D department designs, conceives tests and validates various models prior to its manufacturing.

EFJM has equipment for defining new materials and designs test beds for validating the

mechanical behaviour of these new products :
– Stainless steel / rubber / PTFE composite pistons (simple or double lip) that are 100% aseptic, fully encapsulated in PTFE featuring Ekonol or glass fibre,
Stainless steel / rubber / PTFE composite pistons featuring Ekonol or glass fibre, with a projected lip,
– Conical or cylindrical stainless steel / rubber / PTFE composite plugs
Guide seals featuring rubber/PTFE composites
Dosing membranes that use deformation.

Our best advertising is the richness of our designs.

A general manufacturer working in various specialities