We specialise in the design and execution/production of sealing systems aimed at packaging machines for liquid, viscous and paste-like products. For over 35 years EFJM has been creating plugs for volumetric dosing.

With our composite conical or cylindrical stainless steel/rubber/PTFE plugs, we have a range of models available in order to better respond to the specific packaging requirements of the food-processing, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries.

Standard or made-to-order items, ranging from 10 to 300 mm diameter, our various models come in single-bloc or thin-layer versions.

The single-bloc models (PTFE, PEEK) offer the advantage of not having any retention zones (body machining).

The thin-layer models have an identical expansion coefficient to the casings

which they are fitted in.

EFJM, which is an original fitment supplier, has been selected by the biggest machinery manufacturers. These single-unit or mass-production products are suited to all environments, and the range of EFJM plugs interfaces with all user environments.



EFJM range pistons for volumetric dosing offer indisputable advantages when it comes to dosing applications for liquid, viscous or paste-like products.

Four families of pistons :
– Projected lip models
– Totally aseptic models
– Miniature models
– Double-lip models

The external shape of our pistons minimises risks of retention; their rubber
interface acts as a spring and enables permanent sealing of the zone subject to friction, while the stainless steel insert facilitates command interfacing.

The advantages of EFJM volumetric pistons are :
– Rapid prototyping,
– Reduction of the friction coefficient,
– No retention zone,
– Very good chemical resistance

and resistance to high temperatures, – Very good resistance to wear,
– Reduced maintenance,
– Ensures the production process’s stability.

Not forgetting our pistons’ adaptability to all machines (they are compatible with all systems) used by food packaging industrials. Our products, which offer higher performance, can be adapted as replacements for competitors’ solutions.



EFJM manufactures seals with shapes and dimensions that are specified by widely-used standards or norms. In this product category, we include : O rings, gaskets, L-shaped gaskets, SMS seals, ferrule seals, quad-rings, and BS rings.

In numerous applications, for all business sectors, our product offer is both highly varied and very straightforward : we manufacture all the quality grades, and all the various quantities.

For instance, you would choose a nitrile rubber for applications in contact with hydrocarbons at a temperature that does not exceed 110°C or an EPDM rubber for good resistance to ozone and inclement weather.

Take advantage of EFJM’s expertise

when it comes to choosing the seal that is best suited to your needs. Above and beyond application choices, we offer you a wide range of services for fulfilling your expectations :

– Dimensional tolerances as per standard NFT47-501, Class A,
– Quality class as per NFT47-502, Class N.
– Hardness: + or – 5 Shore A.
– Certificate of compliance with NFL, FDA standards, 3A,…
– A contact for following up on your order.
– Technical support and direct advice:
– Delivery timeframes of less than 15 days.



We are the benchmark designer for dynamic sealing functions with a low friction coefficient. Our expertise in associating two extreme technologies – high polymers and tribology – has given us special status in the world of cutting-edge technologies.

Bolstered by this recognition, we have always enjoyed high levels of

confidence from our customers. This has allowed us to work on the best subjects to have come out of sealing sciences over the last few years.

Seals without any “stick slip” effect, which contribute to reducing the acoustic signature of submarines, the totally aseptic

pistons and plugs have become best-selling items. These products offer realistic examples of specific achievements. Let’s not forget the more “exotic” products, nonetheless highly performing, such as sucker fastenings for snowboarders, or complex seals for the shock absorption of vibrations from harnesses.

Special products constitute an ongoing line of business. It represents 60% of our turnover and benefit from an input of nearly all our resources and technical skills. This, without a shadow of a doubt, is the core of the business and our best way of meeting the challenges of the future.