In order to gain a better understanding of the specific features and requirements of our main market (>50% of turnover), over the years we have built up real expertise in the field of volumetric packaging machines. On a day-to-day basis, this involves natural respect for the conditions laid down by regulations for the execution of our products, a system of systematic traceability, highly sophisticated management of relations with suppliers, and ongoing regulatory and standards monitoring.

But this expertise has a particularly high presence upstream from the production process and it is in the design and development stages that our expertise is most relevant.

We have mastery over every aspect relating to the constraints involved in “cleanability”, reducing risks of bacterial colonisation, avoiding any organoleptic modifications, and complying with standards and regulations, including those for “materials in contact with foods”.

The mastery referred to would count for nothing without our devotion to contributing to lowering operating costs on an ongoing basis.

Our products, which are long lasting by nature, are especially well-suited to long operating periods with little maitenance,

subject to harsh environmental conditions whilst at the same time being energy efficient.

Our long-standing involvement in packaging markets has led us to develop special services such as the recycling of certain products in order to reduce our environmental impact whilst at the same time improving the costs of our solutions.



These are the sectors we started out in! We design and manufacture products that fulfil very highly demanding levels of requirements in terms of use and compliance with standards.

Our design department features talents from the best engineering schools, following the example of Mr Jacques Massot, who used to start his presentations about the company’s origins with the story about a “big submarine with a periscope which, pivoting on a traditional seal, was emitting stick-slip noise with a frequency likely to be picked up by enemy sonar”…

This story allowed him to provide details of the solution developed at that time, based on a patent

he invented he wrote: “seals with multiple self-lubricating bearings”.

Since that time, our company has achieved a number of major developments in this field. And today we continue to complete prestigious projects on behalf of leading companies.

This presupposes modern design resources, an outstanding service security culture, and an ability to test and simulate on test beds, or using modelling. Not forgetting the need to have the reflex of providing proof as your second nature, as well as keeping records of activities contributing to the high level of guarantees required. Operating on these markets is never something that happens by chance, and

events in the news sometimes offer us cruel reminders of this. EFJM achieves over 15 % of its turnover in this sector, solely with very hi-tech products, demonstrating once again the robustness of its principles and the relevance of its strategic choices. .



What could be more difficult than ensuring a seal for gaseous fluids? EFJM stands out for its mastery and repeatability of these processes.

With no less than 15 % of its turnover from products aimed at the manufacturers’ market dealing with fluids and transport management, EFJM demonstrates its ability to produce precision seals.

This ability is the result of an approach involving perpetual improvement of our processes and the skills of all of EFJM’s employees. These continual improvements are structured by a quality management system that fulfils the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. (Access the electronic certificate issued by AFAQ-AFNOR Certification)

Our technical expertise also has a great impact in this field. Our customers, who are always careful to make their products more attractive, are particularly interested in our ability to associate ourselves with their project teams. Our work on cutting-edge technologies also provides

additional economic intelligence which is appreciated.

Lastly, the offer that enjoys great popularity in this field is the quick execution (within 10 days) of prototypes in a highly varied range of shapes and materials.



Mainly orientated towards niche markets, our strategic monitoring often takes us to the cutting edge of our technologies where innovations, transfers of knowledge, and partnerships have led us to take part in the most extraordinary programmes, but for markets which are uncategorisable: these are the miscellaneous applications!

In our sector, there are markets which you can never do without. What is more inspiring than having a shock absorption problem being brought to our attention on a Monday? Finding out the very same day, via laboratory tests, that the most suitable material is a very special elastomer reserved for surgical implants, then getting some sent over from Japan without knowing its processing

capabilities, and nevertheless preparing a moulding tool, making parts on Thursday morning, checking them, testing them, validating them and, while we are at it, sending them off to an engine manufacturer who takes them directly out to the track, qualifies during

Friday’s session , and then sees its team end up on the podium two days later!

Then there are the famous suckers, delivered all over the world, which lift millions of cathode ray tubes without leaving highly unpleasant marks right in the middle of your TV.

Because we are curious about our sector and the sectors of all those we meet, we sometimes come up with the craziest developments. Through listening, work and perseverance, we get involved in new fields which pave the way to our future.

We regularly collaborate with manufacturers in relation to mass-consumer electronics, the sports and leisure field, assistance in designing surgical implants, telephony, electronic banking (flexible keyboards), industrial robotics, medical imaging, etc.