Since its earliest days in 1967, EFJM, which designs sealing solutions, has based its lines of business in the high technology sector.
EFJM, a remarkable designer and an outstanding industrial firm, dares to take on technological challenges. We design and manufacture systems for responding to application problems relating to seals for fluids in hostile operating conditions.
Bolstered by our know-how, our references and our major capacity for innovation, our development strategy is resolutely internationally-oriented. From this standpoint, EFJM is positioned to offer the best technology whilst at the same time drawing on high-level sector expertise.

We have a dynamic design department and high-performance production plant. This responsive combination offers a serious guarantee in relation to the requirements of industrials from all over the world. Système d’étanchéité et de frottement

EFJM is a specialist in elastomers and functions intended for sectors involving cutting-edge technologies, and our products basically involve the bonding of very different components (rubber/metal/PTFE). These hi-tech solutions combine the respective advantages of each of these technologies without having to put up with weaknesses or faults.

The sealing functions and systems supplied by EFJM are designed using the latest equipment, thus fulfilling safety requirements. Our rigorous standards enable us to commit to a very high level of performance and quality.

A designer that meets challenges
A successful designer