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Veterinary Line


    • Enzyme ImmunoAssay (EIA) for the detection of antibodies to Maedi Visna Virus (MVV) in sheep serum and Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Virus (CAEV) in goat serum.
      • Elitest MVV/CAEV
  • CLA
    • Enzyme Immuno-Assay (EIA) for the detection of IgG antibodies specific for the causative agent of caseous lymphadenitis (CLA) in sheep or goat sera.
      • Elitest CLA
  • Other products
    • TM1 is a synthetic peptide derived from Maedi VisnaVirus (MVV) envelope, specifically targeted by antibodies which may be developed ininfected sheep or goat.
      • TM1 Peptide
    • Rec-P25 (MVV), purified and stabilised. Rec-P25 isa recombinant gag proteinderived from Maedi Visna Virus (MVV), specifically targeted by antibodies which may bedeveloped in infected sheep or goat.
      • Rec-P25
    • rPLD (CLA Antigen), highly purified andstabilised. rPLD is a recombinant form of phospholipase D, an important, conserved C. pseudotuberculosis bacterialvirulence factor. rPLD was identified as an antigen for IgG antibodiesdeveloped in the caseous lymphadenitis(CLA) disease in sheep or goat sera.
      • rPLD (Antigène CLA)