HYPHEN BioMed : A link between research and specialized applications for cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, and monitoring anti-thrombotic therapies.


HYPHEN BioMed was created on January 29th, 1999, by Jean AMIRAL, PhD, and Anne Marie VISSAC, both experimented researchers in biomedical research, and already benefiting of an industrial experience of more than 20 years.

Company was founded in the venture incubator of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (78700 – FRANCE), and the Research and Manufacturing laboratories were established in Andrésy (78570 – FRANCE) where the company started its activity in July 2000, in a 220 m² facility. The company has progressively developed, manufactured and distributed research reagents in the field of Thrombosis, Haemostasis and Auto-Immunity worldwide, through a network of specialised distributors.

HYPHEN BioMed develops and markets diagnostic reagents, carrying the CE mark, and many of them are 510(k) cleared. The products concerned are chromogenic assays for measuring Heparin or related drugs, or testing Anticoagulant proteins such as Protein C, Protein S and AT III, exploration of Fibrinolysis or assay of the various coagulation factors.

HYPHEN BioMed has a continuous growth, thanks to its high involvement in Innovation. The company s now established on the new High Technology Park of Neuville Université (95000 – Neuville-Sur-Oise, FRANCE). This park is located close to the Scientific University of Neuville (95000 – Cergy-Pontoise - FRANCE). The company is now  certified for ISO 9001:2000 and NF EN ISO 13485:2003 by the certification body LNE/G-Med.

HYPHEN BioMed owns now 1,000 m² of Research and Manufacturing laboratories, offices and workshops. The company is rapidly expanding and has started the building of a new facility for storage and manufacturing of 2,500 m².


Company's founders:

After many years of experience in R. and D., validation and production of reagents for Thrombosis, Haemostasis and Auto-Immunity, Jean AMIRAL and Anne Marie VISSAC founded HYPHEN BioMed in order to offer to the scientific community and to specialized biomedical laboratories innovative laboratory tools which allow:

  • Detecting early in blood biological abnormalities, which can increase the risk of developing Thrombo-embolic diseases especially during the early clinically silent phase of disease evolution;
  • Contributing to validation studies (biomedical and clinical) of new drugs developed by the pharmaceutical industry for treating or preventing cardio-vascular diseases;  monitoring posology and efficacy of Anticoagulant and Antithrombotic therapies in patients ;
  • Identifying markers, which can be causes or consequences for disease evolution (such as Thrombosis associated Auto-Antibodies);
  • Offering tools for Clinical Research and Epidemiological Investigations.


The rationale of this positioning is as follows:

Regulatory requirements, constraints linked to Quality Assurance and merging of important companies to form large diagnostis groups have contributed to focus these companies on diagnostics and automation. This was a unique opportunity for technological and scientific innovative companies,  such as HYPHEN BioMed. These latter, which rely on experimented scientific persons, can bring their competence and experience by offering flexibility, innovation and reactivity while respecting all the new requirements for Quality Assurance and Regulations (98/79 CE Directive, FDA, etc…).

This analysis, based on the experience and the scientific relationship of Jean AMIRAL and Anne Marie VISSAC, led to setting up HYPHEN BioMed.




  • Jean AMIRAL, PhD, Born in 1952 in Barcelona (Spain); French citizen; married; two boys.
  • Competence: Immunologist, Biochemist, Doctor in Medical Sciences
  • Training: Biochemistry at the Lyon University-INSA (France), Immunology at the Medical school of Creteil (France), and PhD in Medical Sciences at Paris VII University (Paris, France).
  • Present occupation: Scientific and Research Director of HYPHEN BioMed (Neuville-Sur-Oise, 95000, France), and President of the company.
  • Experience: Scientific Director from Serbio (Stago group; 1977 to 1998). More than twenty five year experience: in developing advanced assay methods for haemostasis and thrombosis; in designing new techniques for the measurement of coagulation factors and blood activation markers applied to the early diagnosis of cardio-vascular alterations and thrombotic tendencies; research and development of assays for auto-immune diseases associated with an increased risk of thrombosis; direction of clinical and epidemiological studies; management of a research and technical group of 36 scientists ; coordination of international collaborative studies ; major involvement in scientific communication (presentations at congresses ; publications). Head of HYPHEN BioMed since 1999.
  • Original experience at the interface of fundamental research, technologies and clinical applications, with an expertise in thrombosis (causes and consequences) and its interactions.
  • Major accomplishments: discovery of PF4 as the target antigen in presence of heparin, for Heparin Induced Antibodies, type II, and description of immune pathological mechanisms; creation of HYPHEN BioMed in 1999, with Anne-Marie VISSAC.

Anne Marie VISSAC

  • Anne Marie SANGIOVANNI, spouse VISSAC, Born in Bastia (20 - France), in 1956; French citizen ; two children (1 boy, 1 girl).
  • Competence: Coagulation and immunological technology; laboratory technical management; Biological Chemistry Engineer.
  • Training: Clinical Chemistry MT (ENC Paris, France); Biological Chemistry Engineer (SNIPF).
  • Present occupation: Technical Director of HYPHEN BioMed (Neuville-Sur-Oise, 95000, France), and Managing Director of the company.
  • Experience: Microbiology teacher (ENC, Paris,1976); Biological Analysis Laboratory (Drs SAMAMA and KERBOUL, Paris, 1977 to 1986); project leader in Research and Development of Immunological methods (Serbio, Stago group, Gennevilliers, 1986 to 1998); Technical Director of HYPHEN BioMed (Neuville-Sur-Oise, from 1998); Presentations at International congresses, and author or co-author of various papers. Practical experience in clinical applications of laboratory testing; development and validation of new assay methods, and especially immunoassays; epidemiological studies; clinical validation protocols. Complete experience in the field of laboratory techniques applied to the exploration of Thrombosis, Haemostasis and Auto-Immunity.
  • Major accomplishments: participation to the discovery of PF4 as the target antigen for Heparin Induced Antibodies in Jean AMIRAL's research group; creation of HYPHEN BioMed with Jean AMIRAL in 1999.